Tony steps up as advertising manager

MANAGEMENT of the Taylor Group of Newspapers have recently announced that Tony Swan will take on the newly created role of advertising manager at The Bunyip.
Tony, who has worked in the advertising department for nearly four years now, brings with him a wealth of experience after filling the dual roles of manager/sales manager at the Port Lincoln Times and Barossa Herald papers for more than 16 years.
As a resident of Willaston for the past 14 years, and having been a part of the sales team, he is very familiar with the local retail sector and the opportunities it has to offer.
“We are in an enviable position as compared to a lot of similar publications due to the enormous population growth we are currently experiencing” he said.
“Nearly every township surrounding Gawler, and Gawler itself is undergoing substantial development – increased population means more eyes are seeing our paper and creating excellent opportunities for our advertisers.”
If you would like to catch up with Tony or either of the other members of the advertising team, (Neil Casson and Megan Rees), phone the office on 8522 1233.