The time has come

I SHARE the news with a heavy  heart that as of yesterday The Bunyip had to suddenly close its doors indefinitely.
For weeks our team has reported on the effects of the COVID-19  pandemic, seeing businesses shut down across the region, families  struggle and life as we know it put on hold.
And now we stand with you.
For 157 years The Bunyip has given locals a voice, the community a platform for regional news and acted as a watchdog of democracy.
It’s extraordinary that in today’s lookback section, 150 years ago the paper was affected by a sickness hitting the town and editorial staff, and now we see history repeating itself.
As one of South Australia’s oldest newspapers, we have survived the darkest of days and hopefully, with your continued support, we may see you on the other side stronger than ever.
It’s times like these we must support each other through any means possible and keep our chins up, despite repeated blows.
I hope in our absence the value of local news becomes more evident and that community demand will see our doors reopen.
While the future of our publication is unknown, we know that many questions are left unanswered, stories untold and a piece of Gawler’s history is potentially lost.
Hopefully this goodbye is not forever.
I honestly believe that when this nightmare is over, we will have a new appreciation for the things in life previously taken for granted, and we will all be better people for it.
And, if this is the last editorial I type as part of my short-lived career, I hope in my five months as editor, I have touched even the fewest number of readers and inspired people to chase their dreams and strive to achieve the best they can.
Thank you for welcoming me into your community, your homes and your hearts.
It’s been an absolute honour to  represent you and I am proud of what our staff and I have achieved over a short period.
I’ve met some remarkable people in Gawler and know its community will bounce back when the pandemic is over.
From our editorial, advertising and production staff to administration, photographers and delivery drivers, the many working cogs of our newspaper make up a tight-knit Bunyip family, and I’m lucky to have been part of such a supportive  team.
From our family to yours, thanks for the memories and fingers crossed they continue.
We hope to see you on the flipside.
– Sara Gilligan

Sara Gilligan


Sara Gilligan completed a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Writing and Creative Communication at the University of South Australia in 2014. Sara grew up in the Adelaide Hills before moving to Waikerie in 2015 to pursue her journalism career at The Bunyip’s sister paper The River News. She transitioned to Renmark’s Murray Pioneer newspaper in 2017, where she enjoyed Riverland reporting, before becoming The Bunyip’s editor in November 2019. She enjoys covering local government and police/emergency services and is passionate about giving locals a voice on community issues.

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