Public consultation open on new Evanston supermarket

A new supermarket and bottle shop coming to Evanston is set to create around 90 jobs. Photo: Sara Gilligan.

PUBLIC consultation is now open on plans for a new supermarket and bottle shop development at Evanston.

Planning firm Access Planning has submitted a development application for the proposed project, which would see part of the Gawler Parks Home Maker Centre on Main North Road turned into a large-scale supermarket and bottle shop retail space.

The branding of both the supermarket and bottle shop is currently unknown, with the combined area of the shops to reach 3650 square-metres.

Access Planning director David Hutchinson, in the development application, wrote the development would create around 90 jobs.

“Socially, the centre is already a meeting place for the local community with a number of cafes providing an opportunity for social interaction,” he wrote.

“It is not intended that the proposed change of land use will convert the land use overall to a functioning shopping centre, with the wider range of land uses generally envisaged for such developments.

“Economically, the development will generate some 91 new employment opportunities. Estimates for wages, local services, maintenance and repair can be expected to exceed $1 million annually.”

Public consultation on the plans is now open, with locals having until October 27 to have their say.

The development application noted there would be an increase in noise around the Para Road entrance to the homemaker centre, with delivery trucks suggested to use the driveway.

These trucks would make deliveries between 7am and 10pm, in line with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Mr Hutchinson also wrote the nearby Gawler & District College would not be affected by the expected increased traffic.

“For the most part, service access to the supermarket will occur outside of peak traffic conditions on the adjoining road network and as such, should not interfere with traffic associated with the drop off and collection of children from school,” he wrote.

Sam Bradbrook


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