‘Pax’ looks to take the skate world by storm

Paxton Scott gets some serious air in preparation for his interstate competition in a few weeks. PHOTO: Liam Phillips

PAXTON Scott is the youngest
aggressive skater in South
Australia and one of the
brightest young talents in the
country – and he is now preparing
for his biggest competition
yet at the Brunz Blade
Battle in NSW next month.
Scott, a nine-year-old Ngarrindjeri
boy, started playing inline
hockey at three when he fell
in love with skating. While he
still loves hockey, solo skating
is his passion.
“I like how much there is to do
with skating,” he said. “There’s
less rules than sports like football
or soccer, and you don’t have to
rely on anyone else; it’s all about
what you can do.”
While he has fared well in
solo competitions – collecting
a number of medals in under-18
events against much older competitors
– Paxton has also taken
out some father-son competitions
with his dad and No.1 supporter,
Josh said it was his dream to
help Paxton become a professional
in his skating discipline,
but it was a road that would require
a lot of hard work.
“There isn’t heaps of opportunities
in South Australia for people
doing what ‘Pax’ does,” he said.
“We’re looking to go to this
competition in NSW, but once
all the Skate Park Leagues are
up and running, we’re probably
looking at heading over to
Victoria every couple of weeks
because the South Australian
competitions only cater for skateboarders,
BMX and scooters.
“As you could imagine, travelling
around the country for
something that doesn’t really
pay isn’t easy to do, so we’re
looking for whatever kind of
sponsorship or donations we can
get to help Pax live his dream.”
Josh said some local businesses,
including the Gawler Sweets
shop on Murray Street, had
given their support. But more
was needed to help get Paxton
to events where he could prove
himself in front of reputable
skating companies and potentially
land a major sponsor.
Paxton has also recently started
an Instagram and TikTok
accounts – @PaxtonJayBlader –
with uploads being viewed tens
of thousands of times.
To help Paxton on his exciting
skating journey, contact Josh on
0478 146 631 or email (joshscottpaxton@