“He rang me to say goodbye”

A GAWLER South woman has spoken of the agonising experience of saying goodbye to her husband, who was surrounded by fire after his vehicle became trapped on the Sturt Highway at Daveyston.
Amber Sweet received a phone call from her husband Scott yesterday afternoon, who feared he would not get out of the situation alive.
“My husband rang me to say goodbye, he was stuck in the thick of the fire, the flames came from nowhere and were on top of the car, day turned to night as the smoke and flames surrounded him,” she said.
“He tried to escape and couldn’t see through the smoke and flames, a car crashed into him and he thought those were his final moments.
“I refused to say goodbye but he told us he loved us and said goodbye to me and our kids.
“I waited for that phone call to hear he was okay and waited what felt like a lifetime.”
Mr Sweet somehow made it out of the ordeal alive, with Mrs Sweet describing the chaos that unfolded around him.
“He said the car was on fire, the flames were all over it, the ash was coming through the car vents and the heat was intense,” she said.
“He thought he wasn’t going to get out, everyone on the road panicked and they all started to do U-turns and chaos ensued.
“As cars couldn’t see past their windscreen, it was pitch black, everyone was smashing into each other.
“I have no idea how or what pulled him through.
“We are so thankful, he drove through the same place this morning and there’s burnt out vehicles there so he’s very lucky.”
Mrs Sweet said she felt incredibly relieved when she received a phone call saying Scott had made it out alive.
“I couldn’t live without him, the scariest moment of our lives,” she said.
“Please do not take any day for granted, be thankful for every day you get to spend with your loved ones.”