Playford Times articles

Rosemary’s baby

TWENTY years after suffering a serious workplace injury, Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson is on the verge of launching the world’s first community training and engagement package within the workers’ compensation industry.

Community centre for Elizabeth Downs

PLAYFORD Council will establish a short-term community centre in Elizabeth Downs to provide better support for residents and assess the viability of developing a more
permanent facility in the future.
The centre, which will be located at the shopping precinct on Hamblynn Road, will be leased on a three-year basis at a cost of around $43,000.

Sign not Peachey

LONG-STANDING Smithfield Plains resident Johannes Eijndhoven wants to know why his beloved Peachey Belt is without the proper signage and, so far, he has received no answers.
Mr Eijndhoven has been a long-time Peachey Belt advocate during his 40 years living in the area; 14 years ago he fought for the same signs to have a spelling error corrected after the word ‘Peachey’ was displayed without the ‘e’ (peachy).