Letters To The Editor articles

April 1: Letters to the editor

Short-changed SIR – Shadow Transport Minister Cory Wingard may well ask why the State Government did not proceed with the Gawler electrification project, based on it being of a better value to taxpayers (The Bunyip, March 25). I would like to ask, when exactly the electrification is proposed to actually reach Gawler Central. In all […]

March 11: Letters to the editor

Vale lost trees SIR – I have been listening to chainsaws all week and wanted to acknowledge the trees with whom I have shared my outdoor activities for 20 years. Just before Christmas, I took this photo of sulphur-crested cockatoos in one of the pine trees. Towns change, we live more densely. These trees don’t […]

March 4: Letters to the editor

Help appreciated SIR – I see in the news that the people affected by the recent cyclone in Queensland have the help of 700 army personnel to assist with the clean-up and restoration of services. Why then didn’t our bushfire victims in Sampson Flat and surrounding areas get the same support? Eight weeks later and […]

Feb 25: Letters to the editor

Finishing point SIR – I am a keen local cyclist, and during the Tour Down Under I noticed big TDU signs on the side of the road along the Stage 1 route encouraging people to cycle the Jack Bobridge Track from Barossa to Gawler. I have also seen printed brochures showing a connection from the […]

Feb 18: Letters to the editor

Civic responsibility SIR – It’s unfortunate that the lies and misinformation of the anti-vaccination movement are still threatening our public health. There is no contention about the issue of public vaccinations; they are of proven benefit to the community, with no proven ill-effects. The contention arises from the egregious, self-centred prejudice of the anti-vax brigade, […]

Letters to the editor: Feb 11

Happy to ride SIR – There have been a lot of responses to my call for Gawler to be a cyclists’ hub, which is all good and welcomed discussion. It is only a generation ago the majority of us rode our bikes to school and also enjoyed the fun of riding. So, ultimately, what I […]