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Letters to the editor: May 20

Traffic solutions SIR – I have just purchased a home in Gawler and I read Adrian Shackley’s letter to the editor (Looking back, May 13). I feel there, definitely, needs to be an access into Adelaide Road and the Gawler Motel from the southern end of the bypass; such as a ring road. I am […]

May 13: Letters to the editor

Fear-mongering SIR – Mr Bolton’s letter in The Bunyip on May 6 (Offensive) states that we are “…losing the battle”. He has embarked on a string of fear-mongering statements, which are, no doubt, designed to stir up support for the ‘Reclaim Australia’ campaign. While Mr Bolton has presented readers with his ‘facts’, we trust that […]

Letters to the editor: May 6

Passive advertising SIR – From all reports, the Anzac celebrations went well in Gawler, apart from one blemish, or oversight, permitted by the organisers. I am wondering why it was felt appropriate that Coles be invited to lay a wreath? Was it that they are less bad than Woolworths with their opportunistic “Fresh in our […]

April 29: Letters to the editor

Sad passing SIR – In 1987, Dr Derek Whitelock was commissioned by the Town of Gawler to write a modern, comprehensive history of the town to commemorate Gawler’s sesquicentenary in 1989. The outcome, “Gawler: Colonel Light’s country town” immediately became a worthy addition to the list of other major histories of Gawler written by such […]

Letters to the Editor

Ill-considered SIR – I am disappointed to read that, despite a public consultation meeting held by the Gawler Council to discuss the recent review of the dog management plan, when the large gathering voted unanimously in favour of off-leash areas for dogs, that the new mayor wishes to change this. Perhaps, as she was not […]