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Letters to the editor: November 18

Letters to the editor: November 18

Insulted SIR – I attended last week’s special meeting of the Mallala District Council and I found it quite insulting to the ratepayers and the residents of Mallala Council District that the chief executive felt the need for police presence at the meeting. There were three police patrol cars, plus Mallala and Two Wells police, […]

October 8: Letters to the editor

Thank you SIR – A big thank you to the two gentlemen who stopped to assist my granddaughter and myself when our car broke down near the Gawler caravan park on Tuesday last week. It’s good to know there are still people in this world willing to help others. It was much appreciated. Name and […]

Letters to the editor: July 1

We are family SIR – Apparently, the article Brett and I were featured in in The Bunyip on June 3 about us looking forward to being allowed to marry, and that we are a family, like everyone else, has indeed caused quite a stir. Two letters to the editor printed in two different publications now […]

Letters to the editor

Narrow definition SIR – While there have been many individuals and organisations who have taken it on themselves to define “the family” in narrow terms that suit themselves, historically, locally and globally it has demonstrated itself to be a much more varied and adaptable social unit. It has incorporated various bonding arrangements and forms of […]

Letters to the editor: June 11

Flood concerns SIR – As there is more construction happening and other residents have voiced a similar concern, it seems the right time to write this letter. In recent times a farm has been subdivided at Cockatoo Valley, creating a number of larger acreages, with some smaller allotments along Balmoral Road. Near the road, several […]