Businesses welcome QR codes

Kingsford Hotel manager Tony Harnett at the bar with the new QR Code. PHOTO: Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson

BUSINESSES across South Australia have had QR Codes installed as a part of the latest COVID-19 restrictions introduced by the State Government.

The codes, which are a part of the new COVID-safe check-in system, will help people upload their details in case there is a COVID-related emergency at the premises.

Kingsford Hotel manager Tony Harnett said it’s “better than being closed down”.

“There’s things we can do to help to remain open,” he said.

“I suspect we’re in this for many months to come.

“I think it’s going to make it easy for customers to register as entering the hotel.

“On scanning the QR Code, SA Health will automatically get their data, so in the event of a problem in this hotel, they’ve got a very good record of who has been here.

“We currently have a manual register in our gaming room, and as of Tuesday we have a register at point of sale at the bar if someone doesn’t have the appropriate phone they can do it manually.”

Mr Harnett said the recording process has been accepted by the hotel’s patrons.

“We’re finding the manual recording process in the hotel has been well-supported,” he said.

“We’re not getting any real reluctance to it.”

Mr Harnett added the recent three-day lockdown hit the hotel ‘badly’.

“When a hotel like this gets locked down, you lose a fair bit of food inventory, some things can’t be refrozen, so it’s an expensive exercise,” he said.

As of yesterday, new easement of restrictions included; food and beverages which are served for consumption must be consumed whilst seated when indoors.

Food and beverages can be consumed whilst standing or seated when outdoors. Communal food and beverages are not permitted.

If people are sitting at a bar there must be no food preparation taking place.

Also, one person permitted per four square metres indoors and two square metres outdoors.

Any business or venue that is required to keep contact tracing records requires a QR Code including:

■ On-site purchase and consumption of food or beverages (indoor or outdoor area)

■ Sport (including sports training), fitness or recreation activities

■ Indoor public meetings

■ Ceremonies

■ Private functions

■ Weddings (including wedding ceremonies and receptions)

■ Funeral services (excluding wakes)

■ Provision of personal care services

■ Provision of public entertainment

■ Provision of recreational transport

■ The operation of a nightclub

■ The operation of relevant licensed premises

■ The operation of a casino or gaming area (within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 1992)

■ Auctions and inspections of premises for the purpose of sale or rental of any property

■ Driver instruction

■ The provision of health care, residential care, disability support or aged care services.